Tel Aviv. A Jewel on the mediterranean

Reasons why you should visit Tel Aviv

A few years ago, no one would’ve thought of going to Tel Aviv for vacation. It was one of those places where you were advised not to go to. But fate stepped in and I got the opportunity to fly to Israel in 2016. I had a feeling that I would like it, but had no idea what to expect. As soon as I stepped outside, I regretted not going there earlier.

Tel Aviv is, as locals like to call it, a “bubble” because you can’t really feel any political tension here, unlike Jerusalem. It’s a city full of possibilities and quirky personalities, where nothing is too weird. Well, almost nothing. It’s also quite a modern city as well and is known as a tech hub. But that’s not why I loved Tel Aviv.

When you’re in Tel Aviv, the beach is always close to you. The city has been blessed with long stretches of sand beach and that’s mostly where you’ll see the locals hanging. The beach is the heart of Tel Aviv, and thanks to the all year round climate, you can be there all the time. If beach isn’t really your thing, there’s a ton of small, local cafés, parks, cool shops and hipster neighbourhoods to wander around in. Two favourites are Neve Tsedek and Jaffa. It’s basically street art heaven, so make sure to bring your camera so you can capture the beauty in those two neighbourhoods. When you’re starting to feel hungry, go grab a falafel or hummus – it will guaranteed be some of the best you’ve tried, ever! The Israeli food is known to be healthy, fresh and full of flavor, and I can safely say that it’s true. I went to bed every night thankful that I still had another day to eat their delicious falafel and get fresh pomegranate juice.

When the sun goes down, there’s many bars to choose from. There’s almost too many to try! One thing that Israelis are really good at is partying, and boy, do they party hard. So if you’re into the nightclub scene, you’ve come to the right place. You can party until you drop but you can also just go somewhere with a calmer environment and grab a beer (or two) with your friends. What’s so good about Tel Aviv is that there’s plenty of options, so no evening has to be the same.

So if you love a good beach, tropical climate, beautiful and artistic neighbourhoods, friendly locals, really(!) good food and a nightlife that will blow your mind – write down Tel Aviv in your calendar now. It’s effortlessly cool, alternative, fun, pretty, and to be honest, also very ugly in some ways and it’s a city that will make you fall in love with it. Tel Aviv is that summer romance that went by too fast, and when you come home, it will still be on your mind for a very long time.

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Albania, a travellers dream

Traveling in Albania

A few years ago, no one would’ve thought of going to Albania for vacation. in Europe The most obvious choices were countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus. But there’s much more to Europe and Albania is one hidden gem that’s waiting to be explored. The first place I went to in Albania was Tirana, the capital city, and I do have to admit that it didn’t impress me. I was a bit worried that this would reflect my entire trip to Albania that I had planned. What exactly did this country have to offer? And why aren’t more people visiting Albania?

To my surprise, it became one of the best places I’ve ever visited, and that says a lot after almost traveling in 60 countries. I would’ve never realized that Albania would be a favourite. And perhaps that’s why I love it so much – because it was such a lovely surprise. I got the opportunity to travel there for 2 weeks and I only wished that I had more time. After making our way out of Tirana, we started discovering sides of Albania that we loved. First, we made a pit stop in Berat, a quaint little town by the mountains which offered stunning views. To our surprise, we were almost the only tourists walking around there. I’m sure that’s not the case these days.

But it’s the coastline that really took our breath away. Crystal clear water, long stretches of white sand beaches and a hot, tropical climate all made this the perfect place to spend our vacation at. We were yet again stunned by how few tourists there were, but also really happy that we got it “all to ourselves” (well, it was us and the locals). We even had an 8 bed dorm all to ourselves because we were the only guests there. During the day we swam around and at night we had dinner by the beach. It’s worth noting that the prices in Albania are incredibly affordable as well so we could even splurge without feeling bad about it. I would even say that it’s one of the cheapest countries to travel in Europe, so if you’re on a tighter budget but still want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, there’s really no better place to do it than here.

If you want to visit a place with stunning landscape, grand mountains, small, charming towns, stunning beaches, friendly locals and a place with really cheap prices, you must go to Albania. It’s a country that has the whole package! And it’s just a matter of time before this place will boom. As soon as people realize that paradise is waiting for them in Albania, they’ll drop everything and head here. And so should you.

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Local Food in Lisbon

Being a vegan in Lisbon

Being a vegan abroad isn’t always easy – depending on where you go of course. But if you’re traveling to Lisbon, Portugal, in the nearby future and you’re a vegan, you’re in luck. It might come as a surprise but Lisbon is actually one of the best places to be a vegan. With vegan cafés popping up everywhere, you’ll have more options than you’ll have time. You can find anything from strictly vegan cafés and restaurants, to places that has vegan options. If you’re more in the mood for cooking at home, there’s meat replacements such as tofu and tempeh to be purchased, as well as tons of nut milk.

But the vegan market didn’t become popular because of the locals. Quite the contrary, many of the Portuguese would never think the thought of abandoning meat, let alone become vegan. It’s more thanks to the high influx of tourists and expats that’s brought the vegan scene to Lisbon. Although there are plenty of locals that have adapted this food habit as well, you’ll notice that many of the cafés are foreign owned. Either way, you won’t have to starve when you’re traveling to Lisbon. Feed your stomach with all kinds of delicious treats such as vegan pastel de natas (a traditional Portuguese custard pie), chocolate cakes, donuts, and much more.

There’s plenty of places to visit so if you’re having a hard time selecting which ones, take a look at this list:

Ao26 Vegan food project – an all vegan restaurant in the city centre which changes its daily lunch menu every day. The food is nothing but spectacular and the atmosphere is cool and relaxing. The prices for the lunch menu is also very affordable – for only €7 you get a full meal that will fill you up until late afternoon. If you have some space in your stomach, make sure to order a dessert as well. Remember to make a reservation though since this place usually gets very crowded.

Tantura – not a vegan restaurant but they have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. This Israeli restaurant will satisfy all your hummus and falafel cravings. This place is really popular and it’s not hard to see why. When you’ve gotten tired of the Portuguese food and you’re looking for something different, Tantura is the place for you.

Foodprintz – a vegan café which serves some delicious breakfasts such as buckwheat pancakes and coconut yoghurt. They also have some incredible vegan cakes if you’re looking for something sweet. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but  it’s really worth spending those extra pennies on.

Of course, there’s lots of more places to discover, but if you only have a limited amount of time, try visiting at least one of these. Vegan food has never tasted this good and even the most sceptical ones will be satisfied here.

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Places to eat in Stockholm

Finding the best vegan breakfast places in Stockholm

Stockholm’s cafe scene is booming now and if you’re living there, you know how it seems like there’s a new place popping up every week. Especially vegan cafes and restaurants! Stockholm is becoming a vegan capital and if you’re traveling and eating plant based food, you’ll be happy to know that Stockholm is one of the easiest cities to be a vegan in.

Like everywhere else in the world, breakfast is a very important meal and is required for you to have energy to walk around and sightsee the whole day. So what better way to start your day than by eating in one of Stockholm’s best breakfast places? Here are the three best vegan breakfast places I found in Stockholm (and that I know you’ll love too!).

Pom & Flora

Although this cafe isn’t a fully vegan cafe, it still deserves to be on the list because it’s such a beautiful cafe and it has vegan options – they taste amazing, by the way – so if you’re looking for a cafe with both a cozy atmosphere and good food, check this one out. It’s especially popular amongst internationals, but locals also love this place.

STHLM Brunch club

If you’re not a morning person, you can still go here and have breakfast later! That’s right, they have breakfast all day long and they also offer brunch. It’s not a vegan cafe either, but you can find lots of vegan alternatives here that will satisfy your tastebuds. It’s a very, very popular place though so if you’re there during the weekend, you might have to queue for at least one hour. It’s definitely worth it though!


This vegan, raw cafe is indeed a hidden little gem in Stockholm. Besides serving a kickass breakfast, they also have lots of goodies that are raw and good for you. You can also order turmeric lattes and other stuff that are good for your stomach in the morning. The cafe is small, but the interior is cozy and the menu is really fantastic. Don’t miss out on trying one of their bowls – it’ll fill you up all day long!

There’s plenty of more breakfast and brunch places in Stockholm where you can get vegan food, but these three were my favorites when I was visiting Stockholm. What’s so good about this city though is that you can go to almost any breakfast place and ask for vegan alternatives – you’ll be sure they have at least one delicious option for you. So, get ready to explore Stockholm and start out your day with a big and hearty breakfast that’s both good for you and the environment!