Places to eat in Stockholm

Finding the best vegan breakfast places in Stockholm

Stockholm’s cafe scene is booming now and if you’re living there, you know how it seems like there’s a new place popping up every week. Especially vegan cafes and restaurants! Stockholm is becoming a vegan capital and if you’re traveling and eating plant based food, you’ll be happy to know that Stockholm is one of the easiest cities to be a vegan in.

Like everywhere else in the world, breakfast is a very important meal and is required for you to have energy to walk around and sightsee the whole day. So what better way to start your day than by eating in one of Stockholm’s best breakfast places? Here are the three best vegan breakfast places I found in Stockholm (and that I know you’ll love too!).

Pom & Flora

Although this cafe isn’t a fully vegan cafe, it still deserves to be on the list because it’s such a beautiful cafe and it has vegan options – they taste amazing, by the way – so if you’re looking for a cafe with both a cozy atmosphere and good food, check this one out. It’s especially popular amongst internationals, but locals also love this place.

STHLM Brunch club

If you’re not a morning person, you can still go here and have breakfast later! That’s right, they have breakfast all day long and they also offer brunch. It’s not a vegan cafe either, but you can find lots of vegan alternatives here that will satisfy your tastebuds. It’s a very, very popular place though so if you’re there during the weekend, you might have to queue for at least one hour. It’s definitely worth it though!


This vegan, raw cafe is indeed a hidden little gem in Stockholm. Besides serving a kickass breakfast, they also have lots of goodies that are raw and good for you. You can also order turmeric lattes and other stuff that are good for your stomach in the morning. The cafe is small, but the interior is cozy and the menu is really fantastic. Don’t miss out on trying one of their bowls – it’ll fill you up all day long!

There’s plenty of more breakfast and brunch places in Stockholm where you can get vegan food, but these three were my favorites when I was visiting Stockholm. What’s so good about this city though is that you can go to almost any breakfast place and ask for vegan alternatives – you’ll be sure they have at least one delicious option for you. So, get ready to explore Stockholm and start out your day with a big and hearty breakfast that’s both good for you and the environment!